10 Reasons SMBs are Moving Phones to the Cloud

Kim Silva, Sales & Marketing

Cloud, or hosted, business phone solutions have become the widespread alternative to on-premises phone systems and are proving to offer a competitive advantage for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) especially. Here we look at 10 popular reasons SMBs are moving their phone systems to the cloud.

  1. Increased Agility
    • SMBs are known for their ability to act quickly.  Cloud communications enables businesses to act nimbly and to react rapidly to ever-changing market conditions. From adding new employees and setting up new locations to efficient internal and external communications, cloud-based VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) provide the tools for your SMB to live up to the fast-moving expectation of employees and customers alike.
  2. Mobility Integration
    • From simple mobile integration to powerful smartphone apps, users can embrace mobility and escape the confines of their cubicles. You and your fellow employees are reachable any time, and your customers get the quality service they expect from a smaller business.  With mobile integration, you can mobilize your workforce and offer workers a flexible work schedule for increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction.
  3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    • O1Phone VoiceStream offers a pay per seat pricing model with free long distance and upgrades.  And, with your system hosted in the cloud, IT expenditures are greatly reduced by elimination of on-site equipment to build and maintain. Savings are also realized from consolidating costs associated with bandwidth and conferencing.
  4. Business Continuity
    • Stay open for business and sleep soundly at night knowing your cloud communications service is naturally immune to any troubles at your premises – be it fire, flood, network or electrical outage.
  5. Increased Resilience
    • Get high levels of resilience and security most businesses could not afford if they had to invest in their own system infrastructure.
  6. Expanded Functionality and Customization
    • Cloud communication service tends to offer features and capabilities that conventional phone technology can’t offer, and provides easier business application integrations. Seat-based packaging and pricing lets you tailor functionality to each user’s needs.
  7. Professional Image
    • Features such as auto attendant and web conferencing provide your SMB with a professional image. And you can step up your customer service with efficient communication.
  8. Fast and Easy Scaling
    • A system with an intuitive portal makes it easy to add or remove employees and scale your system up or down depending on business needs, season, business cycle, etc. As you grow, adding locations is a breeze.
  9. Future-Proofed System
    • Because your system is hosted in the cloud, you always have access to the latest features and upgrades.  You guarantee that your phone system won’t become outdated.
  10. Heightened Business Focus
    • With a simple to manage phone system, you can focus on strategic business projects, rather than managing telephony infrastructure. Intuitive user interfaces and analytics keep you in the driving seat. And, your time and money is spent running your business, not your phone system.