5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Move to VoIP

Kim Silva, Sales & Marketing

If your business has not yet made the jump to VoIP or to the cloud, it is time to re-evaluate your phone solution.  The average business phone system lasts anywhere between six and eight years, after which time the system is most likely out of maintenance, lacking features, and hurting the performance of your business.   

Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to upgrade your office phone system.

#1:   Your Office Phones Are Only a Means for Voice Communications

Modern business phone solutions are no longer simply for “voice” communications.  They have transformed to include Unified Communications (UC) features such as instant messaging, presence, mobility, video conferencing, and other collaboration features.  Your office simply can’t perform at maximum productivity without the seamless integration of these essential communication tools.

#2:  You Haven’t Incorporated Mobile Phones into Your Network

In today’s mobile world, your employees will be using their mobile devices, and  with cloud-based office phone systems, they can still remain connected to your network.  O1 Phone VoiceStream’s mobile app allows your staff to make and receive calls on their mobile phone under their  business phone number, and have transferring functionality.  Implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, yet still have access to your employee call records.  

#3:  Scaling Is Difficult with Your Current Business Phone Solution

If you still have to call your provider to add new phones or lines, your office phone system is antiquated and requires too much effort.  Look for a system that is virtually plug-and-play, such as VoiceStream.  Through a portal, you can scale your business as it grows – add employees, add locations, or move locations.  And, cloud systems enable you to easily add and pay for only the features you need.

#4:  You are Spending Too Much Time and Money on Your Office Phone System

With VoIP systems hosted in the cloud, there is no on-site equipment to build and constantly maintain.  You eliminate the need for IT staff to troubleshoot equipment, perform upgrades, and install new features.  Since your system is in the cloud, upgrades are automatically provided free of charge.

#5: Your Phone System Does Not Integrate with Other Business Systems

Modern phone systems should integrate with other critical business systems to provide you with a single, powerful communications system.  VoIP integration with CRM, help-desk ticketing software, and Microsoft apps, helps you improve employee productivity, deliver an enhanced customer experience, and reduce operating costs.