Application Integration Facilitates Single Communications System

Brad Jenkins, President & CEO

Business information is moving faster than ever.  As more businesses take advantage of advancements in communication system technology, consider the tools your business needs to keep pace with your competition.  To effectively collaborate internally and quickly address customer needs, you need a robust VoIP phone system with integrated Unified Communications (UC) and an open solution that facilitates easy integration with business applications. 

The ability to exchange data between your business phone solution and other critical business systems provides the invaluable power to manage multiple business functions through a single communications system. Companies today rely on general and specialized business applications to drive efficiency and productivity and to aid in delivering superior customer service.  VoIP integration with these applications provides capacity to even further improve employee productivity, deliver an enhanced customer experience, and reduce operating costs. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  

CRM integration is powerful, giving your phone system access to your customer database.  Your VoIP and CRM solutions should work hand-in-hand ─ essentially working as one solution.  Outbound calls are automatically logged as call records in your CRM package, saving your sales representatives from manually logging their calls.  For inbound calls, customer records are automatically retrieved, giving your employees automatic access to customer records for optimal customer service.

O1Phone VoiceStream is a robust UC solution that is further enhanced with integration to leading CRM applications, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage, SugarCRM, and many others.  It also supports several industry-specific applications, such as Clio for the legal industry, and JazzFusion for the hospitality industry.

Contact Centers

UC integration with third party applications is especially useful to contact centers.  Your VoIP solution should integrate with a wide range of CRM solutions and help-desk ticketing software for improved customer service and functionality for reporting, dashboards, and workforce management.

Email, Contacts and Calendar

Bring business communications to your Microsoft apps through VoIP integration.  Click to call from numbers embedded in Outlook contacts, email-signatures, and web pages to realize peak productivity.  Voice and fax messages through Outlook, contacts integration, and calendar-based presence awareness bring further efficiency.  VoiceStream provides built-in Outlook integration functionality and similar functionality for Gmail and related Google Business apps.

UC Federation

True UC requires openness and interworking with other UC platforms.  You may be using various platforms for your own communications.  In these cases, your communications system should provide federation with MS Lync systems as well as open guess access to conferencing, IM and sharing functionalities, as well as a Google dialer and a WebRTC gateway to allow easy access from any enabled browser.