Do You Have a Wingman?

David Stoos, Director of Operations

Your communications system is the lifeline to your business and its success.  Your phone system needs to be steadfastly reliable, robust, and used to its maximum potential to give you that needed competitive edge.    Choosing the right product is only half of the equation. Partnering with a dedicated provider committed to delivering superior customer support will protect your investment and allow you to take full advantage of its benefits.  You need a provider who will be your wingman. 

As such, your choice of phone system should not be based solely on functionality, but also on the provider and the significance it places on customer service and support.  A provider that is customer-service oriented leads to a reliable phone system and allows you to achieve the maximum out of your system’s functionality.  
Big telecom and cable companies typically do not have a reputation for being good wingmen.  They often have ample resources, but allocate a large part of those resources for their top tier customers.  Small to medium sized customers get lost in the centralized contact center crowd and are left to fend for themselves. Support questions are rarely answered within 24 hours and service calls are out of the question.

Personal, Responsive Support

O1 Communications values personal, responsive customer care and support.  From the start, dedicated account executives and sales engineers work side by side with our customers to bridge company needs with their O1 Phone VoiceStream system. Clients receive custom, on-site training upon implementation and enjoy 24-hour access to live phone support for any questions or issues that may arise, in addition to e-mail and live chat options. They have direct access to the O1 support team for questions, ranging from product functionality to complex trunking and network issues.  Our expert support team continues to gain knowledge of each customer’s unique needs and situations to better serve them throughout our long-term relationship.  We take pride in ensuring questions receive same day answers.  And, we even make same day service calls.  We’ve got your back and are dedicated to your success.

Unlike many small telecommunications companies, O1 is our own service provider enabling us to terminate calls for seamless service and faster resolution to trunking issues. Clients receive both the customer-focused mindset of a small telecommunications company with the abundant resources of a larger company.

Pro-Active Support

Wingmen look out for each other and intervene when signs of trouble are observed.  O1 proactively looks for signs of stress and ensures the highest quality of service through QoS management tools.    We perform traffic flow analysis and network behavior analysis to look for potential problems.  We look for VoIP quality issues and take immediate steps to make repairs, so very few issues, if any, ever reach the customer.   Our diagnostic tools and dedication ensure continual optimization of our clients’ phone systems.

Customer and technical support varies greatly between providers.  Your business operations depend on your phone system and the people behind it.  Who will you partner with to be your wingman?