Frequently Asked Questions

  • With VoiceStream you can keep your mobile number private, but be reachable anywhere and anytime with a single business phone number. All incoming calls to your desk phone can be routed to your mobile phone, tablet, or any remote location. Outbound calls present your desk phone number as your caller ID, whether you’re calling from your mobile phone, app on a tablet or regular phone. This feature enables you and your colleagues with the ability to never miss a business call, while keeping your business and personal numbers separate. And, business owners have increased security with the ability to keep business calls on the business network.

  • By using an Apple or Android device and installing our app, you have access to all the features available from your office, such as direct extension dialing and access to your corporate directory, call history, and voicemail. You can also take advantage of our collaboration tools on your mobile device, such as Instant Messaging (IM), video calling, user presence, and virtual meetings.  

  • With the VoiceStream cloud-based, hosted system, CapEx is virtually eliminated with savings on maintenance, expansion, and upgrade costs. OpEx is transparent and consistent. The technology allows for a short lead time and is fast to scale. And, cloud technology ensures you always have access to the latest system upgrades. Additionally, the system provides disaster recovery benefits with resilient communications.

  • In Hosted Unified Communications, presence enables you to inform your colleagues of your phone status – available, busy, away or offline – improving the speed of communications between office staff and enabling you to improve customer service with faster customer response times. Presence status works for multiple devices, including desk phones, soft phones, and mobile devices. You can also add text about your location or working status, giving VoiceStream the ability to offer “rich presence.”

  • VoiceStream is unique in that it offers a robust, cloud-based PBX with fully integrated, hosted unified communications. The VoiceStream system provides seamless mobile integration with carrier-grade voice, 50 business class features, and collaboration tools, such as user presence, IM, video and conference calling, virtual meetings, and file and desktop sharing. Unified communications improves user productivity, provides for more flexible working, and improves customer service and response times to ultimately result in improved sales.

  • Easy to use, self-service portals give your organization more control of your business communications and 24×7 access to make changes. The portal does not require an IT expert, allowing changes to be made quickly in-house and also freeing up your IT Dept. for other matters. And, with the self-managed service, you’ll experience a reduction in CapEx with decreased maintenance costs.

  • VoiceStream increases your productivity, freeing up time to generate new business and increase revenue. With the ability to mobilize your workforce, you stay in touch and close deals quicker to improve sales. It creates efficiencies for faster reaction times, keeping existing customers happy and giving you the ability to be quicker than your competitors.  Additionally, with a cloud-based system you always have access to the latest features, ensuring you’re ahead of your competition.  

  • VoiceStream is a hosted system; all upgrades are done by O1 and no fee is required from the customer. Moving to a cloud-based system ensures you always have access to the latest system features and upgrades, with no further investment.

  • O1 provides 24×7 phone support. We also install a device on site that proactively monitors your service, which we use to assist with troubleshooting and avoid potential problems. And, as a local company, we pride ourselves on being able to provide white glove service with on-site support when needed.

  • Our VoiceStream platform can support numerous end user devices. Please contact our sales team with your current model IP phone to see if it is one of our supported devices.