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We live in the Age of Communication.  We can communicate anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. You can now harness the power of this modern communications age to manage your vital business communications with O1 Phone VoiceStream.

Your business communications will be revolutionized with our powerful, yet simple to manage, hosted VoIP phone system and seamlessly integrated Unified Communications (UC) solution.  Whether you’re looking for an alternative to your onsite PBX or want to upgrade to an integrated system, O1 Phone VoiceStream will provide your organization with an affordable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich business phone solution.


A Modern Business Phone Solution

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VoiceStream provides a modern VoIP business phone solution encompassing voice communications as well as options for integrated UC features. Our solution can incorporate both desk phones and mobile phone integration, so you and your employees can remain constantly connected to respond and collaborate real time from anywhere and any device.

  • Enjoy VoIP telephony features, including free unlimited long distance, auto attendant, and voicemail to email
  • Bolster internal and external communications for operational productivity gains and increased level of customer service
  • Realize efficient collaboration to maximize productivity, drive sales, reduce travel costs, and ultimately increase revenue
  • Benefit from UC options such as instant messaging; presence; screen and file sharing; and video, audio and web conferencing
  • Provide employees with mobility integration to support a flexible or remote work environment
  • Present your business number on your personal, mobile device for keeping business and personal accounts separate on the  same device


Flexible. Adaptable. Scalable.

VoiceStream’s easy-to-use, self-service web portal enables you to achieve in-house control of your VoIP phone system for account and site management. The intuitive portal simplifies management of your VoiceStream phone system while also avoiding costs of IT personnel to make changes to your system.

  • Customize your system and easily change user settings
  • Scale and easily add additional sites as you grow your business
  • Effortlessly add or remove employee phones
  • Manage your system and make changes yourself without waiting for IT assistance
Be at your office phone no matter where you are

Cost Savings

As a hosted VoIP system, VoiceStream places your phone system in the cloud providing significant cost savings. IT expenditures are greatly reduced by the elimination of on-site equipment to build and maintain.  And, our business phone system brings about cost savings such as increased productivity, operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage.

Watch video and see how you can save on your business phone with VoiceStream

  • Minimize CapEx and control OpEx, without the upfront investment of costly PBX equipment. OpEx is transparent, affordable, and consistent
  • Consolidate and reduce costs associated with bandwidth, long-distance and conferencing
  • Never pay to maintain or replace outdated and expensive equipment
  • Receive free upgrades and always have the latest version
  • Pay per seat and customize to each employee, so you’re not paying for unused features
  • Utilize UC and collaboration features to maximize productivity, drive sales, reduce travel costs and ultimately increase your revenue

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