Is It Time to Bid Adieu to Your PBX?

Obsolescence of On-Premise Solution

As your current PBX solution is becoming older, you tire from the expensive cost of maintenance and support and from the difficulty of making any changes.   Older systems also do not support modern access types, such as SIP trunking, thus increasing the cost of access.

Feature/Capability Requirements

Your on-premise PBX hasn’t grown with technology to include features such as mobility/flexible working, collaboration, instant messaging, and disaster recovery.

Growth/Office Relocation

 Moving offices is a complicated hassle with your on-site PBX. Perhaps you have grown or merged with another organization and require a new office, or are moving office spaces because you have found a better lease.  These changes are a good opportunity for a new cloud solution that will provide more flexibility.

Unstoppable March to the Cloud

You observe so many businesses considering cloud as a replacement for their PBX. What’s the draw?

  • Cost of Ownership: Businesses are realizing the prohibitive costs of operating an on premise solution compared to a cloud solution. There are often direct cost advantages from having a monthly per user model in the cloud, but the indirect costs are also compelling with savings of approximately 30% in most cases.
  • Simplification: A cloud solution focuses on making management and user experience as simple as possible, putting the administrator and users back in control, with simple portals and applications enabling users themselves to add/remove users or features in mere seconds.
  • Flexible and Mobile Working: As today’s workforce changes and becomes more remote, there is an increasing requirement for flexibility, rather than for working from a set cubicle in an office.  To be most effective, today’s workers require a cloud solution allowing them to work from any location and from a variety of devices.
  • Rich Collaboration: There is an increasing requirement for employees to collaborate both internally and externally with customers and partners.  Your cloud solution should offer a rich set of collaboration tools including: group chat, desktop sharing, and audio/video conferencing.

If your business phone system is becoming obsolete and you’re ready for a hosted solution with no surprise costs, it’s time to consider replacing your PBX.  As you pay per user/ per month, you can expect to save about 30% total cost of ownership (source: Nemertes, 2015). Cloud solutions put you back in control with no IT/telco staff needed to scale users and features. And, when choosing a phone system in the cloud, such as O1 Phone VoiceStream, you can be confident your system is future-proof with updates and new capabilities included.  It’s time to take the plunge.