Is Your Business Sitting on the Sidelines?

Kim Silva – Sales and Marketing

The clock is ticking on year 2015, and it’s time to make decisions about the playbook for 2016.  Prepare your business for a strong start in the new year by making some key changes before the buzzer sounds on 2015. 

Your business playbook includes plays to serve your customers better, save more money, and make more money.   Making a simple change to a more capable business phone system is fundamental for goal execution. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Keep your business off the sidelines and in the game by utilizing VoIP technology and the benefits of a cloud phone system.  A robust phone system improves the communication flow with your customer base to provide them with service that keeps them returning.  These systems provide business class features your competition may not yet have, but soon will.  Old analog phone systems provide few features beyond hold, mute, redial, and speed dial.   O1 Phone VoiceStream, on the other hand, provides over 40 business class features.   The User Presence feature helps alleviate customer phone tag by allowing you to determine which colleagues are available for customer and prospect inquiries.  Mobile apps mean you never have to miss a customer call, while also empowering your employees to take calls away from the office.  And, integrated Unified Communications (UC) features, such as web conferencing, provide you the ability to provide first rate customer service and easily jump on a conference with a customer.

Slam Dunk Cost Benefits

VoIP has been a game changer for the telecommunications industry, resulting in drastic cost savings for users.  Implementing a VoIP business phone system eliminates costly long-distance and international charges. Hosted, cloud business phone systems have transformed the financial model for telecom costs, allowing businesses to minimize their CapEx ─ without the upfront investment in costly PBX equipment ─ and control their OpEx ─ with lower and predicable monthly invoices.  And, with systems hosted in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about charges associated with building, maintaining, and upgrading. 

Productivity improvements bring about savings just as valuable as actual telecom cost savings.  Business phone systems with integrated UC increase employee productivity, with the ability to collaborate and communicate anytime and anywhere.  UC and mobile apps enable mobilized workforces, critical in remaining competitive in today’s market.  Operational and sales processes improve for increased sales conversions. 

Prepare now to put your business on the offensive in 2016 with a VoIP business phone system – a landslide victory for your company’s success.