Company Leadership

Brad Jenkins – President, CEO

Co-founder Brad Jenkins is President and CEO of O1 Communications. Jenkins establishes the vision and strategy for O1, while also actively maintaining and building O1’s network infrastructure through use of equipment, technology and partnerships. Prior to founding O1, Jenkins started working in the high tech industry at age 22 when he launched a computer consultancy. He quickly turned the custom programming and hardware sales company into an early Internet Service Provider called JPS.net, which he grew to become the largest privately held ISP in California. JPS.net was later purchased and merged into OneMain through a roll-up IPO. Jenkins left OneMain before it merged into Earthlink to start O1 Communications in 1998 with co-founder Max Seely.

Max Seely – Senior Vice President

Max Seely is the Senior Vice President and co-founder of O1 Communications and brings over 35 years of telecom-specific management and executive expertise. Seely leads the day-to-day operations of O1’s sales and marketing team and manages the strategic direction of sales initiatives. In this capacity, Seely is charged with growing the organization through continual revenue increases while responding to market change with new service and promotions. The sales division is comprised of retail channels, selling to enterprise customers throughout the Sacramento region, and wholesale channels, marketing to business customers who sell services to both domestic and international telecommunications carriers.

Jim Beausoleil – Chief Financial Officer

Jim Beausoleil has been the Chief Financial Officer at O1 Communications since 2005. Beausoleil leads the company’s overall business and strategic planning; management of all accounting and finance functions; forecasting and modeling; and financial policies including contracts, pricing, and compensation plans.  Prior to joining O1, Beausoleil held positions in commercial lending and banking, public accounting, and consulting; he holds a CPA license, a degree in Accounting, and an MBA.