Path of Least Resistance Will Cost You Money

Jim Beausoleil, Chief Financial Officer

Telecom buzz tells you that the trend has moved toward VoIP and hosted, cloud-based  business phone systems, but your phone system is not at the top of your priority list. You have your hands full running your company, and the thought of switching phone systems is overwhelming. Change is time consuming, and ‘time is money,’ so you stay with the business phone system you already have in place.  

This mindset is a fallacy and is costing you money.

Is it Worth Your “Time” and “Hassle?”

Change can be time consuming and equate to disturbances in your business for a loss of revenue.  Our phone solution, however, is virtually plug-and-play.  Your business will not need to experience any downtime or loss in revenue.  There is no wiring or equipment, beyond phones.

This same, painless deployment process makes it just as easy to scale your business as it grows – add employees, add locations, move locations – it’s simple, disturbance-free, and cost-effective.  And, you pay only for what you use.

How Much Are You Spending on PBX Maintenance and Upgrade Costs?

A recent Frost and Sullivan report found that 76% of  businesses felt a transition to the cloud would lessen the load of their IT staffs.    With VoIP business phone systems hosted in the cloud, such as VoiceStream, there is no on-site equipment to build and constantly maintain.  You eliminate the need for IT staff to troubleshoot equipment, perform upgrades, and install new features.  Since your system is in the cloud, upgrades are automatically provided to you free of charge.  You future-proof your phone system while saving money.

How Does Your Current System Rank in CapEx and OpEx?

The shift from premises-based systems to cloud-based systems brings a welcome change to the financial model.  Businesses now can minimize their CapEx and control their OpEx.   Without the upfront investment in costly PBX equipment, businesses drastically decrease their CapEx for a faster return on investment.  And, OpEx is streamlined with predicable and consistent monthly invoices that equate to month-over-month savings, versus standard PBX costs.  VoiceStream brings about cost savings, improves profit margins, and simplifies accounting – a dream for CFO’s, such as myself.  

Are You Ready To Make Long Distance Charges a Thing of the Past?

Businesses that still haven’t transitioned to VoIP incur long distance and international calling costs.  Even calls between offices can mean money, if office locations use a difference system for each location.  With VoIP technology, calls are made over the Internet, avoiding costly call charges and further reducing your business phone system costs.

Does Your Current System Give You a Competitive Edge?

With VoiceStream, your business processes improve, resulting in increased operational efficiency, business agility, and employee productivity.  Your phone system becomes more than a means for voice communication.  With its integrated unified communications (UC) solution, you gain the ability to  improve your sales process, enhance customer service, and bring efficiencies to internal communications.  Frost & Sullivan’s survey showed that 80% of respondents are switching to hosted communications to gain access to advanced features and capabilities.  With VoiceStream’s UC features, you eliminate extra costs associated with audio, web and video conferencing.  You are able to collaborate and mobilize your workforce.  You equip your employees with tools to stay constantly connected from any device and respond to real-time events.  You gain an advantage on your competition and therefore increase your opportunities to increase your revenue, bottom line.