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O1 Communications specializes in delivering high-quality VoIP using SIP trunking to support your growing communications demands and evolving business requirements.

SIP trunking is flexible and rapidly becoming a business standard

What is SIP? 

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows you to gain more control of your communications services and maximize the investment of your PBX business phone system.  SIP trunking enables simultaneous calls over a single phone line and also supports Unified Communications options, such as video conferencing.  With SIP’s flexibility, it is rapidly becoming business standard.  SIP connections are sold per call path, and only one SIP trunk is required to handle all of the simultaneous calls a user wants to make, as long as bandwidth is sufficient.  SIP trunks work with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone numbers and can use local, out-of-area, and toll-free numbers.   

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce your company’s communications costs by adding SIP trunks to your existing PBX equipment for instant deployment in the cloud.

  • Convert  existing phone system  to VoIP with minimal CapEx
  • Choose which rate plan fits your needs
  • Save money on local and long-distance calling with our national footprint
save on your communications
easily scale based on changing needs


Easily adjust  SIP trunks as call volumes  vary, based on changing organizational needs and company size.

  • Add or reduce trunks as needed
  • Receive no limitations to the number of trunks or lines
  • Replace traditional analog or PRI circuits with a single internet connection

Business Continuity

Be prepared for inevitable outages with the ability to set pre-determined failover routes for any of your DID or toll-free numbers.

  • Route your calls to alternate numbers
  • Utilize automatic call rerouting, load sharing, and failover procedures
  • Burst your service response in the event of high call volume
be prepared for inevitable outages
HD quality audio and video

Quality Service

You will receive a superior level of service at all levels, from implementation and support to call quality.

  • Receive highest quality HD audio and video
  • Choose CODEC transcoding options to save on bandwidth and to improve voice quality
  • Have your service active within minutes and experience first-class support

User Portal

Take advantage of our user portal to manage your communications

  • Manage your numbers – request DIDs, reroute, or add end points
  • Gain access to CDR reporting
  • Direct Caller ID settings
easily manage your communications

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Contact us to find our more about SIP trunking and how this technology can maximize your investment and communications systems. Our specialists are available to assist you.


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