Time to Embrace the Benefits of Mobility

Rob Patton, Channel Sales Manager

In today’s increasingly mobile, always-on business world, companies are seeking ways to support “productivity anywhere.”  Business mobility isn’t merely limited to laptops any longer. The adaptation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has empowered employees to connect from any device, at any time, from anywhere. In today’s environment, employees are able to connect with a number of devices such as web-enabled tablets, iOS or Android smartphones, and even smartwatches.  Research from Tech Pro Research indicates that 74 percent of businesses are already using or will soon be adopting a BYOD policy.

Since its debut in 2009, the Bring Your Own Device or BYOD concept has revolutionized many industries.

Tech Pro Research

Mobility provides a number of benefits to a company, its employees, and its customers and puts your office is in the palm of your hand. You and your employees no longer have to wait until you return to the office to respond to customer inquiries or related tasks. Today’s business professionals use a mix of options to stay in touch with clients and colleagues. Unified Communications (UC) provides the ability to communicate by instant messaging, voicemail to email, VoIP calling, videoconferencing, and collaboration.  You can view presence of coworkers, share files, and share your screen.

Technology Raises the Bar for Mobility

UC platforms, like O1 Communications’ VoiceStream product, allow users to apply these UC tools to smartphones and tables and experience a seamless, remote user experience.  Users have the ability to switch from a phone call to a video call within the same device or multiple devices.  Workers can even access their company’s phone system on their mobile device and keep their business and personal accounts separate on the same device.  Caller ID displays calls as if they were made on the desktop phone, extending a professional business presence for those making calls outside of the office.  Your staff can enjoy seamless communications and achieve maximum productivity.

Mobility provides more opportunities for easy communication among employees and customers. It allows for greater productivity and results when people don’t have to wait for the information they need. The ability to use a preferred device increases employee satisfaction, which also boosts productivity and leads to increased employee retention. These improved efficiencies lead to cost savings and deliver a more efficient and better experience to your customers. It is time to embrace Mobility and the many benefits it provides.  Do not let your company fall behind.