Toll-Free Numbers Critical to Image and Disaster Recovery

Kim Silva, Sales and Marketing

Take advantage of a single, simple and affordable tool to improve your SMB’s reach, branding, and even disaster recovery efforts. Toll-free numbers – which were originally developed in the 1960s so businesses could provide a means to be reached free of charge – have taken on an entirely new and critical role with an expansive scope of benefits.  

With cell phones and unlimited calling plans, long-distance calls aren’t as problematic as they once were. Yet toll-free numbers are more popular than ever. Why?

Professional Image and National Reach

Toll-free numbers convey a national, reputable, and professional image.  Whether you’re a one-man shop working out of your apartment or a growing company on the rise, an 800 number signifies that you are an established company and that you do business outside of your local geographic area.   

Branding and Marketing

Vanity toll-free numbers are easy to remember, which encourages repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and chances of being first to the customer’s mind.  And, toll-free numbers can be ported from carrier to carrier, so you can switch carriers yet keep your established numbers.

Advertising campaigns can be tracked easily with designated toll-free numbers.  Advertising can be daunting and results can be difficult to track. By designating an affordable 800 number to each campaign, however, you can easily track which calls you receive from your website, your print ads, your radio ads, etc.  

VoIP Phone Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is arguably the biggest benefit of today’s toll-free numbers.  Not all toll-free providers are the same.  It is vital that you ensure an independent Responsible Organization (RespOrg) is designing and implementing the instructions for your toll-free number’s routing.    An independent RespOrg, such as O1 Communications, will build carrier diversity into your toll-free number and secure multi-carrier routing to eliminate carrier outage issues.  When disaster strikes, and your local competition is suffering from outages, you ensure business continuity and keep your office phone ringing.