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Take your local business to the national level and enhance your brand’s image with O1’s affordable toll-free number service.

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Regardless of your company size, an 800 number acts as a powerful tool to complement every facet of your organization, from sales and marketing to disaster recovery.  Toll-free numbers can help you reach more customers, grow your business, and increase your revenue.

800 numbers can be ported from carrier to carrier, so you can switch carriers yet keep your established numbers. O1 offers all prefixes, including 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 numbers.  And for customers wanting to manage their own toll-free numbers, we offer a web-based interface to manage call routing and handling.

toll free numbers help your business brand
give your local business a national presence

National Presence

O1’s toll-free numbers provide an affordable, simple, and effective tool to assist in giving your local business a national presence.

  • Expand national reach for wider customer base and increased sales
  • Convey national image and signify that you conduct business outside of local geographic area
  • Present a credible reputation and professional image

Marketing & Branding

Toll-free numbers provide an effortless method to strengthen your marketing and branding efforts to promote your business and products.  

  • Encourage repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and chance of being first to customer’s mind
  • Strengthen branding with custom, vanity toll-free numbers
  • Designate separate 800 numbers to each campaign (website, print ads, radio ads, etc.) to track results
give your local business a national presence
superior customer service with convenient toll-free number

Customer Service

Toll-free numbers were originally developed in the 1960s so a business could provide a means to be reached free of charge.  Though today’s customers have multiple means to contact you, they reward businesses that are easily accessible.

  • Provide superior customer service with convenient means for customer calling
  • Increase customer retention by being easily reachable

Disaster Recovery

Unlike many toll-free providers, O1 Communications is an independent Responsible Organization (RespOrg), which means we can design and implement instructions for your toll-free number’s routing for carrier diversity and multi-carrier routing.   

  • Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in emergencies or unforeseen circumstances
  • Route toll-free calls to a designated alternative
  • Safeguard your business from outages and missed opportunities with routing redundancy

Click here to learn more about Toll-Free Disaster Recovery

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